Wineally for Restaurants

  • We will teach you how to help 72 % * of consumers spending more on wine by matching perfect wines to your dishes.
  • Wineally will reduce staff shortage, increase revenues, and cut costs.
  • Wineally will boost your takeaway sales.

Currently available in Sweden and Denmark

* According to a market survey in July 2021, 72 % of consumers are likely to spend a little more on a bottle of wine (to be consumed in a restaurant or at home) if they know it will be a perfect match to their meal. 

The problems:

  • Employees lack wine knowledge. 
  • Staff shortage a growing problem.   
  • Poor wine inventory, sales and purchase information causes wine waste and bad cashflow. 
  • Expensive wine administration. 

Our solutions:

  • We make your waiters become wine experts in 10 minutes
    We teach your staff how to offer perfect wine & dine experiences.

  • We reduce the need for service personnel
    The Wineally consumer app will replace the need for some of the dining room services, i.e., the guests can safely use their own device to match food & wine and thereby reduce the time spent at the table.   
  • We offer real-time digital information about inventory, sales, and purchases
    By using Wineally for purchases and sales the inventory will automatically be updated. Reduced wine waste will be a natural result.  
  • We increase the average order (in-dining or takeaway)
    The average restaurant and/or takeaway order will increase since customers* are willing to pay more when they get perfect wine & dine experiences. Wineally also simplifies it for restaurants to offer “a bottle-to-go at takeaway price” and matching wines for takeaway orders. 
  • We make working as a waiter more fun 
    Wineally will make wine service fun and less stressful. Combined with increased customer satisfaction we make restaurant jobs more attractive and profitable for employees.  
The Dashboard

We increase your revenues

Whether the Wineally business system is used by a waiter in a restaurant, or the Wineally web-app is used by a consumer for purchases in your restaurant, Wineally simplifies for consumers to get perfectly matched wines to their dishes – based on their personal wine preferences. 

Recommending the Wineally app to guests will make it possible for them to order matching wines (at takeaway prices) to their takeaway orders. 

All Wineally app-users from around the world will find your restaurant/takeaway menu in the app. 

  • You have a perfect showroom for wine. Your guests has chosen to visit your restaurant, the time, the food, the wine based on their preferences (price, grape, country, etc.) and Wineally have ensured that the wine is presented in the most favourable way. In short, there is no way your wine suppliers can present their wines to retail customers as good as you can.
  • Asking guests if they want to have information about the wine they just enjoyed sent to them via email is a great service. Guests using the email link will land directly on the wine-page on your supplier’s website and purchase the wine. Your restaurant will become a valuable channel for retail sales.
  • Traceable revenues might make wine suppliers willing to pay commissions.

We simplify wine inventory and reduce wine waste

  • Digital activity/sales information per Wineally-user (waiters).

  • Purchase to wine cellar information will reduce administration and wine waste.

  • Automated wine cellar inventory (sales & purchases).

  • Wine registration in Wineally is simple and accurate – can be integrated with POS-system and website.

  • By registering your restaurant data you will be joining the Wineally universe:
    You will not only have great data from your “own universe”, you will also get access to data from similar restaurants that have joined Wineally worldwide.
The Dashboard
My Wine Cellar

We cut your costs

  • Supplier-independent orders directly from the digital wine cellar saves time.

  • Access to orders and wine cellar simplifies for financial staff/consultants when paying invoices.

  • Automated wine lists PDF’s (based on inventory of minimum 1 bottle) in a minute.

  • Automated wine cellar inventory saves time.

  • Increased sales might reduce purchase prices.

  • All wine data is verified in Wineally, by the producer or by our Wine Data Team.
    This means you have access to wine information from all producers in one format.

  • All wine information can easily be downloaded and uploaded to websites, accounting systems and other databases.
The Digital Sommelier

Turn your inexperienced staff into wine experts in less than 10 minutes

The Digital Sommelier

How it works

Add all the tables you as the waiter or sommelier will be serving and press the plus icon to start a order
Choose dishes
Select the dishes the guests would like, check the "Match wine"-box and then click the "Show wines"-button
Wine filters
If the guest has personal wine preferences they can be filtered down before choosing wine
Select wine
After you have clicked "Show wines" all of the best matching wines will pop-up, with or without the guest's personal preferences
The Perfect match!
Select the wine that the guest would like and you are done!

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