Digital solutions for perfect wine & dine experiences

We personalize and simplify wine purchase decisions for consumers, whenever and wherever you are. We help restaurants, wine merchants, supermarkets and wine producers increase business control, revenues and decreasing costs by digitizing sales, purchases and administration. Welcome to the Wineally family!

What's in it for consumers

Perfect wine & dine experiences in restaurants or at home. We make the complex world of wine accessible for all wine consumers.

What's in it for the industry

Sustainable digital solutions for the wine industry. We help wine producers, wine merchants, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets increase revenues and bottom-line results in a sustainable way.

Our Vision

To be the global market leader for digital wine solutions by 2025.​

Wineally for Wine Producers

You make great wines. We provide excellent solutions. Join the Wineally family today.

By registering your wine information in Wineally you make finding your wines at any restaurant, wine shop or supermarket a lot easier. Our expert generated algorithms present wines to consumers based on their personal preferences and their choice of dishes. By registering your own information, you are assured that your wines are presented accurately to all of your customers. With our system your agents, supermarkets and restaurant clients will all have instant access to accurate information.

Wineally for Wine Merchants

You offer great wine selections. We provide excellent solutions. Join the Wineally family today.

We know that you can’t always speak to every customer. With Wineally your customers are always up to date with your wines and how they can match them to dishes in the restaurant. Our fully integrated system also allows you to reduce your administration time, gives you the ability to monitor your restaurant clients activities in real-time and thereby increasing the value of your relationship as you can make informed recommendations based on real consumption.

Wineally for Restaurants

You offer great food & wine experiences. We provide excellent solutions. Join the Wineally family today.

Do you want to enhance the experience of your guests while keeping control of revenues and cost? Look no further, Wineally offers a fully integrated system that allows you to have full control of sales and purchases and give you real-time updates of wine cellar inventory and the profitability of your wine sales. Through our expert generated algorithms and your guests choices and preferences Wineally will create a perfect match between food and wine.

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We simplify & personalize wine purchasing decisions. 
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Wineally guarantees that you always get the best available wine based on your personal preferences and choice of dish.

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